Guidelines For Posting To
Message Board


To post a new message, you click on Post a Message at the top of the board. Fill out the fields in the form.

* It is good to put in your email addy, in case someone wants to email you privately. Of course, that is optional.

What you type in the Subject line is what appears on the board as a title on your message. Sometimes you don't have much to say and you can fit it all in the Subject line. If you put "nt" (meaning No Text) at the end of your typing in the Subject field, we will know that there is no need to open your message to see more text.

 *Saves people time when there are lots of posts. When you are just using the Subject field for your post, the board requires you to type one character in the Message box or you will get an error message. Also, if you use the same character in another message, it will say there is a duplicate....weird, I know.

To respond to someone else's post, open the post you want to respond to and fill out the fields at the bottom of that message. You can also click on Post a Response at the top of the page.

* Please be sure to delete the subject line text to avoid confusion and put in your own subject text. It is much easier to keep track of posts that way, otherwise they all look the same.

You can add a link to your message by filling out the Optional Link Url and Optional Link Title fields at the bottom.

You can use html codes and smiley face codes within your message, such as {type a : ) but no spaces}.

You can Preview your message to see what it looks like. You would just go Back on your browser to edit it, if you want. Then you are ready to Post.

Clear as mud, right? Don't be bashful, we're all learning here, so ask on the board if there is something you want to know.